You’ve got some wonderful employees at your company. You want to give them the recognition they deserve. A corporate award is one tangible way to show you appreciate them. In today’s blog from Custom Awards, we talk about six celebrations worthy of corporate awards within your organization.

1. Monthly or Yearly Accomplishments

Do you have an Employee of the Month award? What about your highest-achieving salesperson at the end of a quarter or year? Corporate awards provide great ways to recognize these high achievers, whether the award is based on raw sales figures or a vote of your entire staff.

2. Longevity & Retirement

Do you have employees who have reached a milestone during their tenure at your firm? How about someone who has worked for the company for 10, 25, even 50 years? A corporate award recognizing amazing feats of longevity shows how much you appreciate someone for their dedication while doing a fantastic job. 

Do you have someone retiring soon? Honor that person’s transition to a new phase of their life with a corporate award highlighting their personality and achievement in reaching a goal decades in the making.

3. Welcome to the Team

Business is booming, and you landed some dynamic new hires. How about a Welcome to the Team corporate award? The best part about our custom awards is that they can be simple. We can help you create a corporate award with your company’s colors and logo on it with a simple message: Welcome to our team, Joe. We’re glad you’re here!” It’s a simple message that can go a long way to making your new hire feel welcome.

4. Promotion

Your company is expanding, and you need someone to step into a new role. Honoring a promotion with a corporate award gives someone a little extra motivation (in addition to the new title and pay raise) to excel in their new position. Letting someone know you appreciate their hard work and that they’ve truly earned their promotion is a nice touch to add to their accomplishment.

5. Big New Account

Your sales team just landed a huge new account, one of the largest in your company’s history. Celebrate the event with a corporate award! Give awards to everyone who helped make the new client a reality, from the sales team and project leads to data miners and engineers. A corporate award for a new account showcases what the team can accomplish when they put their minds to it!

6. Spirit Award

Do you have employees who embody your company’s corporate culture, spirit, and core values? Why not have a core value award every month or quarter. Celebrate people who represent one or more of your firm’s core values, such as hard work, innovation, customer service, making a difference, and more. This corporate award provides a way to convey to your employees what it means to truly work for the company while encouraging others to follow the example.

Talk to Us About Corporate Awards

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