How to Add Humor to Make Corporate Awards Fun

Corporate awards offer one way to recognize your company’s high achievers. Although many celebratory moments are serious, there is always room to add humor to your corporate awards. Today’s blog from Custom Awards talks about how to do this.

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Visual Humor

Look at the custom award with the chef. The image shows a person wearing a white chef’s uniform, yet there are cooking implements flying over his head as if he’s a magician concocting something delicious in the kitchen. This presents a funny image of what’s going on in the custom award.

For corporate awards, you can do the same thing. Use a funny photo of the person who has a goofy grin, a silly look, or a hilarious outfit on. You can also have a funny play on the company logo.

Written Humor

There are plenty of ways to have written humor on a corporate award. Silly sayings, puns, office jokes, inside jokes, and irony or sarcasm can all be a part of a corporate award. For example, you can have a serious photo of someone in the award, yet a saying that reads, “Office Prankster” as the caption. 

The Award Itself

Symbolic corporate awards offer a visual package that needs no explanation. Do you have someone at the office that fixes everything? A toolbox represents the perfect corporate award for the go-to person who takes care of physical, emotional, or taskmaster problems.

Other funny corporate awards include a coffee pot, shot glass, fire extinguisher (because he puts out all of the fires), an emoji, or some kind of representation of food. 

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Corporate awards for your employees provide a fantastic way to make your staff happy and let them know you care. Humorous corporate awards make people smile and can improve morale. Contact us online or call 417-887-6370 for more details on how Custom Awards can help your company!