How to Tout Corporate Awards and Celebrate the Recipients

You’ve got some high achievers at your company! That’s why you decided to order corporate awards. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Custom Awards specializes in creating perfectly individualized corporate awards that bring out the personality of the achiever and your company’s brand.

Today’s blog from Custom Awards talks about how to tout your corporate awards, so your staffers get the recognition they deserve.


A blog is a simple message from your company that updates your web presence with an article related to your brand. What better way to showcase your honoree and the corporate award than with a blog devoted just for this? Not only does a blog put your honorees on your website permanently, but it also lets the world know about your corporate culture. 

Post photos of the staffers receiving their custom awards. Make sure to tell everyone why they won the awards in the first place. Then take the blog to social media.

Social Media

Social media offers a great way to connect with your target audience. Link the blog you just wrote to your company’s social media accounts. Facebook is extremely popular, while LinkedIn is the place to go for business professionals. Instagram provides a fantastic platform for photos, and Twitter lets you announce the corporate award in 280 characters or less. Include photos and relevant details in each social media post you write.


Newsletters are for your most die-hard followers who sign up for recurring emails. They’re also great to send to all company employees and stakeholders for newsworthy updates. Feature your honorees on the front page of the newsletter, with a photo or two plus the details, much as you would write a news article or blog. Quotes from the awardees are a great addition to the newsletter for this corporate award.

Photos on Your Website

You have plenty of opportunities on your company website to talk about your vibrant corporate culture. Add photos of the corporate awards and their recipients to your About page, Mission page, and the individual bios of your staffers. Photos of the corporate awards let people know that they’re valued when they work for your company.

Press Release 

Is your corporate award a big deal in your industry? Then a press release provides a great way to tout your high achievers. Did your highest-earning salesperson eclipse $1 million in sales this year? Did profits soar 25 percent? If it’s important to your industry, community, or corporate region, then a press release can help spread the word. Industry groups may pick up the release and include the corporate award announcement in their publications, too, which gets your name out to other stakeholders in your field.

Talk to Us About Corporate Awards

The artisans and craftspeople at Custom Awards want to honor what’s important to you and your employees with beautiful corporate awards. We put tradition and excellence into every award we make for our customers. Contact us online or call 417-887-6370 for more details on how you can recognize your high achievers.