4 Ideas for Personalizing Custom Awards

The whole point of custom awards is to make them personalized to the high achiever you’re honoring. Having a personalized award creates a heartfelt impression with the recipient because you took the time to design and create something meaningful. Today’s blog from Custom Awards highlights how to personalize custom awards or corporate awards.

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1. Awardee Name

The first way to personalize a custom award is to put the awardee’s name on it. You can do this several ways. Engraving, painting, etching, and printing the name on the custom award are common ways to do this.

2. Awardee Photo

Photos are common elements of custom awards. We see several types of photos at our shop.

  • Action shots of sports players. 
  • Formal photos of employees in corporate awards.
  • Funny photos with goofy looks.
  • People wearing costumes.
  • Everyday photos of people doing ordinary things.

The photo you choose for a custom award might typify the awardee’s personality or showcase a different side of the person’s characterizations.

3. Personal Likes

You know the awardee enough to recognize what they like. You might have someone who likes cats, dogs, cars, trains, fishing, sports, coins, stamps, fixing things, writing, photography, teaching, and so on and so forth. You can easily incorporate these types of elements into a custom award, whether you want a colorful visual design or the award itself.

4. An Event

Mention a specific event in the person’s life to personalize a custom award. You can showcase a photo of Kristen holding a basketball and then mention Senior Night 2021 as the reason for the recognition. When your awardee looks at the award, he or she will harken back to that time with fond memories and good feelings associated with the moment.

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