Custom Awards has a tradition of excellence that we continue to honor every day we go to work in our shop. We’ll help you design a custom award that perfectly fits your needs and tastes. In today’s blog, we highlight five fantastic reasons to order custom awards.

1. Commemorating an Event

Events only happen once. Sure, there’s the 20th annual barbecue cook-off, but it’s never the same as the 19th or 21st. Custom awards are perfect for commemorating an event, whether it’s a one-time military reunion, an annual fundraiser, a huge sports gathering, or a birthday. 

2. Honoring an Achiever

Celebrate life’s successes. Custom awards represent a thoughtful way to honor an achiever in your life. A graduation plaque exhibits the personality of the recipient, while a birthday award celebrates another year older. At the office, corporate awards honor those high flyers who go above and beyond and the people who are most likely to eat all the snacks in the break room. 

3. Recognizing Excellence

Awards are given for sporting events for first, second, and third places. High achievers in sales or customer service deserve recognition for their hard work. Donors to fundraisers ought to get mentions in monthly newsletters, but physical custom awards showcase what the donation means to the organization. If an achievement is worth celebrating, a custom award is the perfect way to acknowledge it.

4. Passing a Milestone

Kids love celebrating birthdays every year. Anniversary celebrations come and go. But what about major milestones that mark the passage of time? How many centenarians do you know? How about a 25th wedding anniversary? Milestones mean many things to many people.

5. Accomplishing a Major Goal

Goal-setting gurus all say it’s important to celebrate small wins. What about the big ones? Custom awards are fantastic when your company passes a major revenue milestone, lands the biggest client in history, or opens that new factory that took two years to build. Personal goals are important, too. What about an award for completing that book, exercise goal, or home renovation project? If it matters to you, commemorate accomplishing a major goal with a custom award.

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