Custom Awards specializes in creating one-of-a-kind awards to celebrate notable accomplishments and events. Our team of artisans and craftspeople will help you design and create a beautiful item that you’ll love. Read on to find out how to design a fantastic custom award.

Individualize the Custom Award

Your chosen custom award is the most special when you individualize it. Put the awardee’s name on it. Put elements on it that the person likes, such as fishing, cars, coins, sports, and more. Even if you order a set of 10 custom awards with similar designs, we can individualize them with people’s names and favorite things to personalize each item.

Use Company Colors

Company colors and branding make for lovely corporate awards. Honor managers of the year, high-achieving salespeople, and hardworking employees with individualized awards with their name coupled with a company logo and company colors. For example, your logo has blue, green, and white in it. Our Custom Awards team can design a plaque with those colors on the border or background, either with painting techniques or colored acrylic.


Photographs and pictures of the person you’re celebrating provide the perfect way to customize the award. Celebrating a wedding or anniversary? A photo of the couple serves as the centerpiece of the item. How about your high school athlete on his or her Senior Day? A couple of action photos make for an ideal visual presentation. Our graphic design staff can add all kinds of effects to photos before we embed them into your custom award.


Engraving offers a gorgeous and permanent way to add elements to a custom award. Multi-layered plastic may look white on the outside. But when an engraver puts his or her tool into the outer layer, a different color may appear beneath it for a three-dimensional design. Engraving adds depth to a piece in subtle and beautiful ways.

Talk to Us About Custom Awards

The artisans and craftspeople at Custom Awards want to honor what’s important to you with individualized awards that fit the personality of your honoree. We put tradition and excellence into every award we make for our customers. Contact us or call 417-887-6370 for more information.