The Materials We Use in Our Custom Award Designs

Custom Awards uses different types of materials in the designs we make. We might make an award with a single type of material, like metal or crystal, or our craftspeople could create a beautiful piece using a mixture of materials. Today’s blog talks about the materials we use to make custom awards.


Acrylic is a type of lightweight plastic. This durable material comes in all kinds of colors, from white and black to clear and pink. You can see through acrylic, which makes it a perfect choice for layering a custom award to give it depth. Our artisans can cut acrylic into any type of shape.


Metal represents a traditional choice for trophies and awards. You might see brass or bronze on wall plaques touting someone’s remarkable achievement. Metal also works well for intricate pieces with lots of details, such as embossing, to create shine and sheen on the award. The artisans at Custom Awards can design and construct a corporate award containing bronze, brass, silver, and gold.


Wood brings natural beauty to a custom award. The grain of the piece is completely unique and found nowhere else because every tree is different (much like human fingerprints). Consider lacquered wood or stained wood to achieve a distinctive look that brings out the grain even more. Stains come in a variety of colors, from browns and reds to mahogany and cherry. We’ll carve a piece of wood to the right size and then stain it before finishing the award. Gnarled wood gives an award character and a rustic appeal.


When you think of crystal, you might imagine a beautiful chandelier with glittering lights and sparkles everywhere. Custom Awards can put crystal in your award, either as part of a piece attached to a stand or as the entire award itself. Crystal can come in all colors and shapes, much like acrylic. And it’s a durable kind of glass that will last a lifetime.

Talk to Us About Custom Awards

The artisans and craftspeople at Custom Awards want to honor high achievers, loved ones, and people important to you. We put tradition and excellence into every award we make at our facility. Contact us or call 417-887-6370 for more information on what we can do for your custom award design.