Tips for Marking Holidays With Custom Awards

When we think of awards, we often think of a golden-colored miniaturized model holding a sports ball, the kind your son or daughter received from a 5th-grade baseball or softball team. Or maybe it’s that bowling trophy your dad won. These are all wonderful in their own right, but have you thought about a custom award that commemorates a special holiday for your family or business? 

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Making Memories, Commemorating Accomplishments

After living through the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us understand the importance of celebrating the little moments and marking even ordinary occasions. One of the best ways to do this is visually. At Custom Awards, we understand this. In today’s blog, we will explore the different holidays and how a custom award might be the perfect gift. 

Major Holidays

There are so many reasons to celebrate the holidays. There are the obvious religious, political, and commercial reasons for Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, and Thanksgiving. But have you thought about the more personal reasons? A custom award is more than a plaque on the wall. It can be a standalone, 3D piece of art that the whole staff or family can look at, remembering the special reasons for the season. 

Christmas. If your staff just exceeded all sales goals for the Christmas season, wouldn’t it be great to show them you care by having a custom award designed with their photos, names, and a Christmas theme? 

Thanksgiving. Did your family or staff volunteer at a local shelter? Did they raise money for an area nonprofit organization? This could be the start of a collection you add to every year, celebrating the philanthropy of your people. 

Easter. Is there a baptism happening on Easter in your family? Why not create a beautiful piece to add to the family memory. 

July 4. This is the season for family reunions or company outings. Mark this moment with a laser-engraved plaque, complete with the date and names of all attending. 

Valentine’s Day. Say “I love you” with a custom award that marks your engagement, marriage, first date, or first kiss. Your children will pass this on down to their children, telling the story of how their parents grew together. 

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Family Reunions

It’s difficult enough to get an entire family together for a reunion. There are work schedules, kid’s soccer tournaments, and distance issues. Then add a pandemic to the list of hindrances. 

With a 3D standing or wall plaque, your family photo can be printed onto your piece along with names, dates, and logos or symbols. This custom award will last for generations, giving way to stories about who ate the most hot dogs, caught the most fish, or fell in the lake. 


Whether it’s the anniversary of your marriage or the day you opened the doors to your business, both are worthy of a celebration. 

Mark this moment with a beautiful, custom-designed piece. Crystal can signify a diamond, letting her know she’s worth a million. Metal can stand for resilience and strength in business. 

Custom Awards to Fit Your Style 

Every person and every occasion offers something special. That’s why there are so many styles of custom awards to choose from. 

Is your company or family more laid back and earthy? Then a piece made from rich wood will be the perfect fit for the occasion. 

Sleek and sophisticated? Crystal and polished metal will send an elegant and powerful message. 

Acrylic? Colorful? These can give an air of playfulness and fun. 

Cut out or engraving? Is it a bass fish? A corn dog? How about a picture of that 1957 Chevy pickup you drove on your first date? Whatever it is, Custom Awards can cut it out, creating a beautiful 3D piece for your decor. 

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Custom awards for your family or company provide a fantastic way to mark a moment and let them know you care. Contact us online or call 417-887-6370 for more details on how Custom Awards can help you mark an important holiday!